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Sylab’s TGA 3000 is an automated instrument which determines Moisture content, Ash content, Volatile content, Loss on Ignition (LOI) and Fixed Carbon content in a wide range of Organic, Inorganic and Synthetic materials.

Thermogravimetric analysis replaces the traditional analytical techniques that are slow, labor intensive and involve several steps with multiple laboratory equipment such us muffle furnaces, ovens and balances.

The TGA 3000 with integrated balance combines drying, ashing and weighing processes. This improves the efficiency, precision and provides high sample throughput.

The TGA 3000 is applicable in various industries and applications, including coal, coke, ores, cement, lime, foodstuffs, feeds and many more.


Maximum Productivity

19 position carousel allows for high sample throughput rates

Two TGA 3000’s can be controlled from a single PC, thereby boosting productivity and reducing costs

Furnace Cooling

After completion of analysis, cooling process is automatically started with user programmable furnace lid opening, to improve the cool down time.

Exceptional Performance

Pneumatic carousel control mechanism increases the long-term reliability by eliminating oscillation and increasing position accuracy

Automatic control of furnace atmosphere and programmable gas flow rates (Air, Nitrogen or Oxygen)

Powerful Heating Elements

High power heating elements provide fast temperature ramping and excellent temperature stability

Embedded multi-element design ensures that temperatures are uniform throughout the furnace chamber

Automatic Analysis

Dual Carousel design provides automatic placement/removal of crucible lids inside the furnace

Automatic end point recognition, user programmable method settings, skipping of empty crucibles allow for optimized analysis time

Integrated Precision Balance

Insulated balance that is isolated from the heat and ambient atmosphere for stable and precise measurements

High precision balance accurate to 0.1mg for precise weight measurements

Product Details

  • High temperature Furnace
  • Uses dual Carousel
  • Carousel is made-up of High temperature technical grade ceramic materials
  • Complies with all national and international test methods for organic & inorganic samples
  • Inbuilt high precision balance
  • Windows based operating software
Modes / Configurations
TGA is available is multiple configurations based on the application and samples
  • TGA 3000, Thermogravimetric Analyzer with Dual Carousel, Single furnace package
  • TGA 3000D, Thermogravimetric Analyzer with Dual Carousel, Dual furnace package
  • Ceramic Crucibles
  • Ceramic Crucible lid
  • Ceramic Carousels

Insulated balance that is isolated from the heat and  ambient atmosphere for stable and precise  measurements

High precision balance accurate to 0.1mg for precise weight measurements.

Certified Reference Materials

We can offer CRMs compatible with our TGA, from world-renowned manufacturers. Please do contact us for further information


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Typical Sample Materials

Food Grains

Theory of Operation

In TGA 3000 Thermogravimetric analyzer, the mass of samples in a controlled atmosphere is recorded repeatedly as a function of temperature or time or both. In TGA 3000 Thermogravimetric Analyzer, the sample size is approximately 1 gram (or up to 5 grams) is used for most of the samples.  All mass measurements are conducted by the system. In a typical analysis, the temperature is normally ramped from ambient to a specific temperature and held at that temperature for a prescribed length of time. The mass change is recorded repeatedly during the entire procedure. The thermogravimetric analysis of the sample is complete when the sample reaches a constant mass as defined in the instrumental operating parameters. Alternatively, the measurement can be considered complete after heating the sample for a fixed period of time.

The TGA 3000 consists of a computer and a multiple sample furnace that allows up to 19 samples to be analysed simultaneously.

A suitable analysis method/ test method can be selected from the software. After selecting the test method, empty crucibles and lids are loaded into the furnace carousels. The analysis method controls the carousel’s movement, furnace, and balance operation. On completion of crucible and crucible lid tare, each crucible is presented to the operator for sample loading. The starting sample weight is measured and stored automatically. Once all the crucibles have been loaded, the analysis begins. The weight loss of each sample is monitored, and the furnace temperature is controlled according to the selected analysis method. The percent weight loss for each sample is reported at the end of each analysis step.

The key to the automated analysis capability is the TGA 3000 multiple sample furnace. The 19-position sample carousel and balance pedestal are located in the furnace. The samples are automatically indexed to the position above the balance pan. The carousel is lowered to place a sample crucible onto the pedestal and the weight is recorded. The cycle continues throughout the entire program. All weighing is performed automatically.


Temperature Ambient to 1000 deg C
Temperature Control Precision ±2% (or) ±2deg C
Ramp Rate 10deg C /minute to 50deg C /minute
Balance Integrated balance
Resolution 0.0001g (0.1mg)
Sample Size up to 5 grams (Higher range can be offered on request)
Number of Samples 19 Samples +1 Reference
Number of Carousels Two (one for Crucibles, one for lids)
Carousel Material High Strength Technical Grade Ceramics
Weighing Precision 0.02% RSD (on inert Samples)
Power Supply 230V AC ± 10%; 50/60Hz/15A
TGA 3000 is not available for sale in USA.


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Certified Reference Material

We offer wide variety of certified reference materials with various ranges.

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