Dilatometer DF-4

For Measure Plastic Properties of Coal

Dialtometer DF-4

  • Swelling rate (increase in volume when heated) is an important indicator of the quality of coal for coking. It is determined by a standard dilatometric test.
  • From the expansion curves the following numerical parameters of the tested coal samples can be deduced:
    • Softening Temperature
    • Temperature of maximum contraction
    • Temperature of maximum dilatation
    • Value of maximum contraction
    • Value of maximum dilatation


  • High productivity of measurement
  • One measuring cycle = Four samples measured at once
  • Contact less measuring of measuring pistons movement (dilatation)
  • Fully automated performance
  • One measuring cycle lasts for approx. 120 minutes
  • Course of the test controlled by Computer
  • Real time monitoring of complete measuring process
  • Auto-diagnostics of the equipment
  • Measurement of temperature of each dilatation measuring tube
  • Precise digital control of furnace unit


Working range of sample heating
200°C to 600°C
Setting of temperature alarm
500 - 600°C
Accuracy of temperature control
± 1 °C / 10 min
Measurement of pistons' shifts
Retort Pipe Movement
Fully automated
Temperature gradient
3 °C /min
Dilatation measurement range
50 to + 400 % (standard samples)
Power supply
230 V, 50 Hz
700 x 250 x 900 mm (with tubes up 1450 mm)

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