Plastometer PF-12

For Measure Plastic Properties of Coal


  • The PF-12 plastometer is intended for measuring plasticity properties of black coal heated under the conditions defined by the ASTM D 2639 – 08 and ISO 10329 standard. The outcomes of the test are plastometric indicators of the coal.
  • The PF-12 plastometer is a fully automatic, compact, single-furnace instrument. A single furnace with molten solder bath is equipped by sophisticated control system of heating range, heating rate to ensure the required accuracy level to meet the requirements of 6.3 of ASTM D-2639-08, ISO 10329.
  • For quick cooling, the furnace has a built-in fan (allowing another test to be started shortly afterwards).
  • Automatic hammering (per ASTM D-2639-08, ISO 10329 ) system for sample preparation is included
  • Automatic evaluation of the final results form 2 or 3 tests according the standard requirements ASTM D-2639-08, ISO 10329
  • Build – in exhaust device
  • The temperature measurement failure detection
  • Cooling of the furnace by the fan
  • Automatic assessment of each test and the overall result
  • Automatic creation of * csv files for statistical analysis


Preheating temperature setting
200 deg.C (selectable)
The operating temperature range
200 to 650 deg.C
Temperature gradient
As per ASTM / ISO Test Methods
Step charge temperature
0.1 to 10 °C
Accuracy of temperature control
Better than 3°C/min ± 1°C for any min
Setting of safety final test temperature
500 - 600°C (selectable)
Maximum volume of measuring bath
50% tin(Sn) & 50 % lead(Pb) option NaNO3 / KNO3
Measuring bath solution fill
Test retort
Dimension ASTM D 2639 – 08, ISO 10329
Power input
cca 0.8 kVA
The plastic range
In deg.C at 1 D.D.P.M.
Bath stirrer revolutions
300 to 1000 rpm
Plasticity range
1 - 100 000 D.D.P.M.
Cumulative plasticity range
999 999 D.D.
Time for first test
90 min.
Time for other tests
60 min.
Plasticity resolution
Better than 0.1 D.D.P.M.
Measure and report all characteristic
Initial softening temperature as per ASTM D-2639-08, ISO 10329
- Maximum Fluidity temperature as per ASTM D-2639-08, ISO 10329
- Maximum Fluidity in D.D.P.M as per ASTM D-2639-08, ISO 10329
- Plastic range as per ASTM D-2639-08, ISO 10329
- Final solidification temperature as per ASTM D-2639-08, ISO 10329
- All at 1 D.D.P.M repeatability of 5 deg.C, ASTM D-2639 – 08

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