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Uses the Latest technology in the service of the fusion temperature determinations

Sylab Ash Fusion Analyzer automatically determines four critical temperatures: Deformation Temperature, Softening temperature, Hemispherical Temperature and Fluid Temperatures.

It is a Fully automatic instrument for determining the Ash Fusion points by means of Image analysis. Sylab’s Ash fusion analyzer uses modern technology for monitoring, computing, and storing results and curves obtained during the test. Up to 6 samples can be analysed in each batch.


Product Details

  • Programmable Furnace Temperature ranges
  • Maximum Furnace Temperature: 1800 deg C
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 1500 deg C
  • Continuous Operating Temperature: 1750 deg C
  • The furnace is capable to work at both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres
  • Programmable ramp rates from 1deg C to 12 deg C
  • Temperature Resolution 1 deg C
  • Specific temperature determination precision 20 deg C
  • Temperature is identified by quickly scrolling through the stored image
  • Accepts specimens having Cylinder, Pyramid and Cone shape from 3mm x 3mm to 6mm x 6mm x 19mm dimensions.
  • Direct specimen capturing without using mirrors for accurate and precise fusion temperature measurements.
  • Gases: CO/CO2 & CO2/H2 mixture ready to use, additional features include CO, CO2, H2 separate entries, and mixture automatically made by the analyzer. Oxidizing atmospheres by inbuilt Air Pump (or) External Air Compressor.
  • Automatic airflow cooling for the furnace + CO/CO2/H2/Air exhaust tube to the lab hood.
Modes / Configurations
AFT is available is multiple models based on the application and samples
  • IF2000G-HDC(maximum Furnace Temperature: 1600 deg C) AND REMOVE SECOND POINT
  • Long Non porous alumina tube
  • Sliding Tray, Ceramic
  • Ceramic Exhaust tube
  • Ceramic Thermocouple Tube
  • Alumina Fusion Tray
  • Silicon Carbide Heating Element
  • Bronze Mold, AFT, Cylinder
  • Bronze Mold, AFT, Pyramid
  • Agate Mortar and Pestle
  • Ceramic bridge, 6 samples
  • Adaptor, Fusion Tube
Certified Reference Materials

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Typical Sample Materials

Coal Ash
Coke Ash
Biomass Ash

Theory of Operation

During combustion samples like Coal, Coke, Biomass, Refuse derived fuel, the remaining non-combustible material becomes  ash or liquid slag. Ash Fusion analysers are used to determine ash cone deformation temperatures. The ash cones change shape in response to increasing heat. Temperatures are recorded for different stages in the shape changes, which, in order of increasing heat, are called : Initial deformation temperature (IT), Softening temperature (ST), Hemispherical Temperature (HT) and Fluid Temperature (FT). The behaviour of the Ash residue at high temperature is a critical factor in selecting the suitable fuel  for boilers and furnaces.

Ash Fusion temperature is measured at 4 points or stages of heating, by observation of the behaviour of triangular Pyramids, Cones, Cylinders prepared from ash when heated at a specific rate in a controlled atmosphere.

 The Ash Fusion Analyzer determines the behaviour of fuel ash in combustion, gasification, liquefaction and ash utilization. The characteristics of fuel ash for its tendency to slag and foul has been traditionally related to the bulk chemistry of the ash and ash fusion temperatures. It can cause slagging or clogging problems on combustion chamber and pipe surfaces and decline heat transfer efficiency. It is said that the operating temperature should be below the fluid temperature (FT). Thus, it is necessary to study the Ash Fusion Analyzer for not only theoretically, but for practical application.

The Higher the fusion temperatures of the fuel-ash, the lower the tendency of the ash to slag in the combustion chamber of boilers.

Ash Fusion temperatures are often cited in fuel specification for boilers, because they are believed to be a measure of the tendency of Coal Ash to form clinkers.

Technical Specifications for IF2000G-HDBM

Ash Fusibility Determination Automatic
Fusion Points IT (Initial deformation Temperature),
ST (Softening Temperature),
HT (Hemisphere Temperature) &
FT (Fluid/Flow Temperature)
Maximum Samples per Analysis Up to 6 samples can be analysed in each batch.
Test Method IF2000G-HDBM complies with ISO 540, ASTM D 1857, CEN/TS 15370-1, CEN/TS 15404, BS EN 14775, DIN 51730,ISO 21404
Analysis Time 3 runs per working day
Capable to Analyse Cube, Cylinder, Truncated cone and Pyramids
Analysis atmosphere Oxidizing Atmosphere/Reducing atmosphere
Sample shape identification Automatic, Pyramid, Truncated cone, Pyramid and Cylinder
Temperature Range Maximum furnace temperature: 1750 deg C
Temperature Ramp Rate programmable 1 deg C to 12 deg C per minute
Heating elements Lanthanum Chromite
Operating Condition 15 deg C to 30 deg C
Relative Humidity 20% to 80%, non-condensing
Safety Integrated CO monitor with auditory alarm, gas flow stops on alarm


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