Carbon And Sulfur Analyzer
CSBox Tube

For Organic Samples by High Temperature Resistance Furnace

Overview of CS Box Tube Analyzer

CSBox Tube CS Analyzer is used to determine Carbon and Sulfur in Organic samples like Coal, Coke, fuel oils, soil, Waste samples, Biomass and other Organic samples.

The analyzer provides simultaneous Carbon and Sulfur determination with minimal sample preparation. It consists of two independent IR cells with a wide measuring range of Carbon and Sulfur. The measuring range of each IR cell is modified to the user’s specific requirement to ensure optimum measurement conditions for each application.

CSBox Tube is supplied with a comprehensive software package which includes statistical reports, diagnostics features and other functions.

Highlights of the CSBox Tube CS Analyzer

High temperature horizontal resistance tube furnace for wide range of sample combustions

Temperature ramp rates are programmable for faster heating. Concentric ceramic furnace tube with ceramic lance directing the oxygen to the sample to ensure complete combustion and rapid analysis times. Better gas flow control to increase the furnace life and reliability of combustion.

High throughput. Fast analysis times

The CSBox Tube CS guarantees long lifetime of the individual components. High throughput, fast analysis times and an easy-to-use software help you reduce costs and increase productivity

Measurement across a broad concentration range

Customized IR cells provide a wide, dynamic measuring range.
The “Stainless steel” IR path provides increased cell lifetime for analysis of halogen or acid-containing samples.
The analyzer uses static emitters and static detectors for a better signal-to-noise ratio.
The detector is pyroelectric, 100% static and non-dispersive

Product Details

  • Unique user-friendly design where the furnace is isolated from the Infrared analyzer to improve the life of the NDIR analyzer
  • High-efficiency horizontal resistance tube furnace
  • Programmable furnace temperature and ramp rate
  • Customized IR cells provide a wide, dynamic measuring range
  • Fast and simultaneous analysis of Carbon and Sulfur
  • Wide measuring range from 50 ppm to 100%
Modes / Configurations
CSBox Tube is available is multiple modes / configurations based on the application and samples
  • CSBox Tube S (Only Sulphur Analysis)
  • CSBox Tube C (Only Carbon Analysis
  • CSBox Tube CS (Both Carbon & Sulphur Analysis)
  • Analytical Balance with cable
  • Oxygen gas regulator
  • Compatible PC
  • Printer

We can offer analytical balances which are compatible with our CSBox Tube series analyzers from world-renowned manufacturers. Please do contact us for further information.

Certified Reference Material

We offer wide variety of certified reference materials with various ranges

We also offer a full range of consumables and accessories such as crucibles, boats, Combustion tube, glassware and other miscellaneous operating accessories.


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Typical Sample Materials

Fuel Oils
Waste Samples

Theory of Operation

CSBox Tube CS is computer-controlled instrument used for simultaneous determination of Carbon & Sulphur in a wide variety of Organic materials like coal, coke, oils, feed & biomass , cement, soils & more

The Analyzer employs high-temperature combustion followed by non-dispersive infrared detection. The sample is weighed (generally 100 mg) into a ceramic combustion boat and is then combusted in a pure oxygen environment where temperatures up to 1500 deg C are maintained.

During combustion the Carbon & Sulphur present in sample material forms Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & Sulfur Dioxide (SO2).The Unique design of the Analyzer prevents any atmospheric gases to enter combustion zone.

Sample + O2 Heat CO2 + SO2 + H2O

The CO2 & SO2 gases are selectively passed through glass tubes filled with Magnesium Perchlorate to trap moisture. The sample gases free of moisture are passed through two independent Non-Dispersive Infrared Detectors (NDIR) cells.

The Sulfur IR cell measures the concentration of SO2 gas & Carbon IR cell measures the concentration of CO2 gas. The analyzer converts these values to percentages/ppm concentration.

NDIR cells work on the principle that the CO2 & SO2 gases absorb Infrared(IR) energy at unique wavelengths of the IR spectrum.


Furnace Horizontal Tube furnace
Heating Elements Resistance type Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
Maximum Temperature Up to 1500°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 2°C
Detector Non-Dispersive Infrared Detection
Measuring Range Carbon: 0.005 to 100% using 1g to 40 mg Sample
Analysis Time Sulfur: 0.005 to 100% using 1g to 40 mg Sample
60 Sec to 180 sec
Sample Weight 20 to 2000 mg
Nominal Sample Weight is 100 mg (coal)
Required Chemicals/ Reagents Magnesium perchlorate (Anhydrone)
Glass Wool
General Requirements
Ambient Conditions 15 to 35°C
Relative Humidity 20 – 80% (not condensing)
Power Supply 230V AC ± 10%; 50/60Hz; 16 A
Gases Oxygen 99.95% purity


We can offer analytical balances which are compatible with our CSBox Tube series analyzers from the leading manufacturers. Please do contact us further information.

Certified Reference Material

We offer wide variety of certified reference materials with various ranges.

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